The Dr. Tim Jennings Show S01 E20

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Human sexuality is complex being impacted by genetics, environment and body functions. This episode will examine this complex process and provide amazing insights that resolve the long standing tension between the gay and Christian communities.

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  1. Wow! Well. where should I start. Dr. Jennings had brought to the surface some interesting biological and psychological positions on this topic. But there is much that is unanswered. The Bible is abundantly clear that a man shall not lie with a man, in other words have sexual relations with the same sex. This is the same for females. Since same sex marriage relationships are condemned by God how are the sexual urges controlled if these people cannot engage in sexual relationships? A man and a woman engage in sexual relationships through their consummated marital vows and consummate their marriage perpetually during their marriage which a homosexual cannot do since this type of conduct is not permitted. This is not a character issue in other words, it is a sexual relationship issue. Dr. Jennings also talks about judging others, but that is exactly what a human being does. We process judgments continually based on knowledge and we are to judge an individuals character based on how that person represents themselves as a person. The Bible clearly condemns homosexual acts in many parts of the Bible both old and new testament. I can show care and open communication for homosexuals but I know one couple outside the church that engage in an open live in, long term relationship. They are good people and I have not been condemning to them in any way, but if these two people come to know the salvation through Christ and join the church they would need to separate since marriage is not an option. This is not discussed by Dr Jennings. I don’t think there are enough stones unturned yet to make this a clear discussion.

  2. From the previous comment:
    “Since same sex marriage relationships are condemned by God how are the sexual urges controlled if these people cannot engage in sexual relationships?”
    Many people with different physical conditions or simply because of circumstances never engage in sexual relationships. In the case of homosexuals it seems to me that it is even more difficult, because they have to deny their sexuality by their own choice, not just because of limitation by some physical disability or circumstances. We could help them in this tough choice by our acceptance (we don’t judge disable people for being such, right?), understanding of their battle, love and encouragement. Otherwise their battle is lonely and less likely to succeed…


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