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Sulavon Bollinger

Sulavon (aka "La renaissance Dollie" or "Dollie") has been active on-and-off in the Modeling and Entertainment Industries for the past nine years in S. Asia, Chicago, New York, and now Los Angeles. She has won recognition for her work as a pioneering Petite Fashion Model and served as the state title holder for Miss Fashion Week Petite Los Angeles, California 2017. When her respective title ended, she then returned to serve as an Honorary Talent Judge for Miss Fashion Week 2018.

Primary focus upon relocation to the west coast has been an emphasis on Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy & Tactics with the award winning online marketing firm GirlPR -- which covers substantial networks from Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and internationally. Her primary objectives are to provide innovative, unique, and high integrity industry and/or market adaptive services relative to the multimedia, marketing, public relations, and/or business administration aspects empowering individuals and companies in need of a voice against their competitors.

In addition to work as a Digital Marketer, she also works interchangeably as a "Production Coordinator" in the Entertainment Industry and "Project Coordinator" in Real Estate Development. She has worked extensively in corporate and residential scale historic renovations of properties in New York, Baltimore, and DC. She acts as an HR liaison and coordinates all projects by recruiting high integrity union and non-union contracted Talent. She ensures that all contractors -- Union or Non-Union -- are treated in a humane and non-abusive environment contrary to many common industry practices. Although diminutive and youthful, she packs quite a punch in anything she sets her mind to regardless of the industry!