Jane Lynn Britton


I was a professional HR leadership trainer and coach for 20 years.  I am a wife and mother of two. Currently, I partner with parents of children with autism, using my own experience as a mom of autism, helping them go from being confused and overwhelmed to being confident and overjoyed!



In 2003 at the age of two my son was diagnosed with autism. After spending over $100,000 on the best doctors, therapists, and schools, I was shattered because nothing worked. He was not developing as hoped, in fact our situation only got worse! I quit the career I loved and left Dow Jones in 2009 to home school my son.


I spent 8 years and over 18,000 hours working with my son and teaching him simple things like to look, listen and to engage with me in activities. During that journey I successfully trained over 30 people to use my techniques, while also learning holistic healing techniques to calm and strengthen my whole family. I also created a community around my son of extraordinary people and resources.


My son is my success story, he is back in school, and he is THRIVING. My whole family is joyful and vibrant.



To continue my efforts to share my story, my hard-learned lessons and techniques to help other parents and their special needs child, I partner 1:1 with parents, conduct workshops, host a weekly Facebook Live at 12:30pm EST, and I created the TV show, Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn.  My goal is to help other parents along their journey, and to bring community together to talk, learn and share resources around autism.


Join me on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays for the only Autism TV show of this genre!  I share power tips that helped my son go from completely exclusive to being interactive, social, and very connected with others. And, I feature different guests and services, who share ways that parents can use to help their children TODAY.


Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn airs:

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm EST and Fridays @ 10am EST on www.princetontv.org

Sundays @ 9pm EST on WBTVN