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The Mindset Reset Show

Discover a new perspective on life! The Mindset Reset Show, co-hosted by Lisa Winston and Robert Clancy, brings you some of the world's top business professionals, visionaries, bestselling authors, entertainers, sport figures, and spiritual teachers to share their insights on how you can live a mindful, abundant and gratifying life. Spirituality / Mindfulness / Healing […]

Happy Healthy Stronger Makeover

The Happy Healthy Stronger Makeover will provide you with a feeling profound raw reality of what having lost hope, physically looks like and the beautiful metamorphoses that these three contestants experience as they are followed on their journey of recapturing their essence and life force vitality - in the end, becoming Happier, Healthier and Stronger […]

The Allison H. Larsen Show

The Allison H. Larsen Show is about spotlighting people who have transformed their lives and are now working to transform the lives of others. As you listen to our guests’ stories and learn about the work they are currently doing, you will be inspired to improve your own life and live your passion and inspire […]

Divine Life Yoga and Wellness

Welcome to Divine Life Yoga and Wellness, where you will experience Dynamic Hatha Yoga, Easy Meditation, Relaxation and Yogini Secrets to be more positive, healthier, youthful and happier and we have Inspiring Guests throughout the series. Presented by Joanne – Divine Life Yogini. Joanne is a teacher of Yoga and Wellness who has helped people […]

Miracle of Healing

Welcome to The Miracle of Healing Show.  When Jayne Rios was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in March of 2018 her world changed drastically.  The information on the web was dismal: 11 months to live with 4% chance of living.  The answer from the Oncologist was Radiation and Chemo.  As a Mom to two […]

Katie O’s Food Carnival

Katie’s weekly TV show “Katie O’s Food Carnival” is breaking the mold, with a format unlike anything being done on The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, or Bravo. Her variety show like segments keep viewers constantly entertained, and her regular features make for regular viewers. Katie’s blog “How I Observe the World Eat” is singularly […]

Coffee with Claire

“Coffee with Claire TV” is the new owner’s manual for women who want to realize the dream of conceiving, building and running a business. The show is intended to be an interactive experience for the viewer. You (the viewer) can choose just to watch or you can participate through the learning exercises online or by […]

Navigate Autism

To continue my efforts to share my story, my hard-learned lessons and techniques to help other parents and their special needs child, I partner 1:1 with parents, conduct workshops, host a weekly Facebook Live at 12:30pm EST, and I created the TV show, Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn.  My goal is to help other parents along […]

Sing Out LOUD!

Known as The Voice Success Coach™, Ella helps women in business improve their vocal quality to they can be heard and get the results they want. Creator of the Command Your Stage™ program and the Permission To Dream™ system, she teaches vocal technique, stage presence and goal clarity, helping professional women boost their confidence, pursue […]

Dr. Tim Jennings Show

Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist, master psychopharmacologist, international speaker, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Fellow of the Southern Psychiatric Association. Dr. Jennings obtained his M.D. degree in 1990 from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, TN. He completed psychiatric residency at D.D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center […]

Sulavon’s SheShed

Sulavon’s SheShed is an escape from the daily grind.  We remember how to be curious, playful, and human, while we incorporate tangible ways to enhance everyone's life in a very warm, friendly, and vivacious environment.  We feature Art, Health, Fitness, Beauty, and Industry Experts so that our audience always walks away with practical solutions to […]

COLORS OF RHINA Tuesday at 8:00pm CST

Watch Tuesday's at 8:00pm CST. COLORS OF RHINA, a new and fun-filled, variety TV showcases the diverse interests and talent of El Barrio’s “funny lady,” Rhina Valentin, a New York woman who celebrates the city’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic heritage through a mix of interviews, performances and entertaining skits and vignettes written by her and her […]

The Shea Vaughn Show

Watch The Shea Vaughn Show every Wednesday at 7:30pm CST. The Shea Vaughn Show delivers life improving information in a delightfully entertaining way. Her guests are top influencers on topics that are always fresh, engaging and timely. Shea has a masterful way of extracting the “real meat” from any conversation uncovering life changing insights into […]

Females Without Fear with host Felicia Reed

The Females Without Fear Life Mastery Group is a tribe of females that meets to work on healing life issues such as trauma, abuse, loss, grief, transition, conditioning and other deep-rooted setbacks. We convene in our virtual sacred space to receive coaching techniques, tools, resources, connections, love, empowerment, praise, and understanding. At times, we meet […]

Here’s to Your Health

I‘ve been there. Even though I live a healthy and nourishing lifestyle and am more healthier than I have ever, I wasn’t always this way. It was from my own health issues that led me to this journey of finding health and wellness through more natural ways. In 2003, I was diagnosed with pre-cancer of […]

The Ripple Effect with Melissa Hull

About Melissa Hull Gallemore Melissa Hull Gallemore is an award-winning artist, author, international keynote speaker, host of The Ripple Effect TV show, and founder of Water Safety For Kids.  Her newly released book, Lessons From Neverland, is a memoir that recounts her harrowing past and journey through tragedy that ultimately led her toward discovering her […]

The Strategic Minds Show

The Strategic Minds Show is a new, hot, fresh and empowering internet TV series focused on helping YOU achieve and maintain success in your personal and professional lives! Hosted by Kimberly A. Ferguson, the author of "Marketing You: Be STRATEGIC", this show features interviews, panel discussions, and powerfully informative segments with contributors from all across […]

Life On Purpose with Carolyn K. McGraw

Watch every second Saturday of the month at 3:30pm. “Life on Purpose...with Carolyn K. McGraw” is an inspirational,  enlightening and informative talk show with fascinating entrepreneurs sharing their “aha” moments in discovering their talent, passion, purpose and life lessons.   

Behind Your Curtain

Behind Your Curtain, hosted by Social Media Strategist and Expert, Karen Liz Albert, provides a unique perspective on social media marketing.  Her weekly show interviews experts, influencers, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs all discussing how social media has allowed them to make an impact on their customers, their friends, their families, themselves and quite possibly the […]

Tricia Brouk Filmmaker

Tricia is currently producing and directing the feature film parody, Fifty Shades of F****D Up, Not Darker Not Freed, starring Bryce Pinkham as Christian Grey. She recently directed and staged a reading of Carson The Musical, based on Henry Bushkin's book; Carson. She recently directed the series Sublets and choreographed six episodes of Black Box on ABC […]

EZ Talk Live

EZ Talk Live is an energetic and engagingly funny show hosted by top ten social media influencer and positioning strategist Eric “EZ” Zuley & Co-hosted by humanipreneur Dr. Dante Sears. The show offers influencer personalities from social media, celebrity, and the business world for an infinite mixture of knowledge, entertainment, humor, and unexpected twists. "LEARN […]

Mindalia TV en Espanol

Te agradecemos sinceramente tu interés por colaborar con Al pinchar en las imágenes, te aparecerá un formulario para que nos envíes la información necesaria y poder empezar a colaborar. Si no encuentras un formulario específico para lo que tu puedes aportar, puedes usar la opción de “Otras formas de colaborar” y contarnos ahí tu […]

Movie Reviews & More

Movie Reviews & More is your one stop media source for the latest in movie reviews from a different angle and in-depth interviews with the stars that make them. If you want unique information about celebrities and questions outside of the usual fluff, then Movie Reviews & More captures just that. We give you an […]

Fix it in Five with The Brain Broad

In 2004 Lynette founded the Brain and Body Clinic, a treatment center for autism and other brain disorders using neurofeedback, a therapy that improves functioning by training individuals to control their own brainwave activity. Although originally based in Santa Monica, California, Lynette decided a clinical setting was counterproductive to the majority of her clients. She […]

Choices: Finding Your Joy with Paula Vail

My name is Paula Vail. I have been a Reiki practitioner for more than nine years. I am a Master Usui & Karuna Reiki® practitioner and teacher. As well as a Master/Teacher of Holy Fire Reiki. I have studied Serenity Vibrational Healing for two years. I am a Level III Master in Serenity Vibrational Healing […]

We 2 Me

Imagine waking up and feeling homeless in your own home…looking around and nothing feels like it used to… Going from just a house to a home again is crucial after being physically and emotionally uprooted. Children can also be overlooked unintentionally by the parents during the divorce process. Couples become so overwhelmed with their own […]

Spirit Fed

The Spirit Fed Channel is loaded with video content and TV shows focused on living a Spiritual Life!  From uplifting TV Shows to Evangelical guests, this Channel delivers wholesome programming for women of any age.  Our hosts include Spirit Fed Entrepreneur Author and WBTVN Co-Founder Jayne Rios, Dr. Sharron Stroud, Founder of the New Thought Spiritual […]

Vision Intelligence with Dr. Dana Dean

Dr. Dana Dean is a Behavioral Optometrist who specializes in Holistic Optometry and Vision Intelligence. She has had a private Optometric Practice in San Diego for the past 15 years. Originally  from South Africa, she completed her studies in San Diego as well as attending the New England College of Optometry in Boston. She treats her […]

Women Uncuffed

Welcome to the DMV's latest show dedicated to success and living uncuffed! Women Uncuffed is dedicated to destroying every limiting belief that holds women back from true authentic success. If you are not living uncuffed, you are just not living and people will know.

Kristi Ellen: All Things Possible

Certified Shaman Shaman Practitioner and Transformational Coach, Kristi Ellen Peterson is known for her ability to use different forms of artistic expression such as: music, dance, writing, and mosaic art to help her clients heal their emotional wounds that are holding them back. Kristi’s love of art and personal development have led her to work […]

WBTVN Expert Spotlight Shows

Women's Broadcast Television Network honors all of the women making a difference as CEO's, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs, Moms, Wives, Sisters and Daughters!  Our In The Spotlight Show showcases these wonderful, brave women!  Watch each Spotlight episode to get uplifted, encouraged and we also have great business tips for those who want to grow an even bigger […]

Betty Show

Betty Snowden: The Betty Show Motivational Speaker, Spokesperson, TV Host & Producer, Business Owner Motivating, Fun, Entertaining, Informational and Concern   The Betty Show is hosted by Betty Snowden (television personality and acclaimed Hat Lady).  Learn more about Betty and The show at: The Show features a mix of celebrity interviews, a source of […]

REEL Women in Film

REEL Women in Film provides a platform for University Students and Independent Film Makers to showcase their films, documentaries and TV shows/series. REEL Women in Film partners with Universities and local Independent Film Festivals (including SXSW and Sundance) to promote and connect film makers with real world opportunities. REEL Women in Film in conjunction with […]