Katie O’s Food Carnival

Katie’s weekly TV show “Katie O’s Food Carnival” is breaking the mold, with a format unlike anything being done on The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, or Bravo. Her variety show like segments keep viewers constantly entertained, and her regular features make for regular viewers.

Katie’s blog “How I Observe the World Eat” is singularly unique in a world crowded with foodie websites, that mostly focus on the what to, why to, where to, shoulds, shouldn’ts, recipes, trends and hot spots. Instead, Katie writes about her experiences with food, clients, and her observations and insights into people and their relationship with food. Her offerings are insightful, inquisitive, provocative, often hilarious, and a quick read. They are designed to connect with everyone, not just foodies!

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Culinary Artist Katie O’Reilly is famous for her over the top culinary designs, complex and layered flavor profiles, global range, and creativity.

Katie’s weekly TV show “Katie O’s Food Carnival” features inspired living and culinary adventures. Her variety show like segments keep viewers constantly entertained, with interesting guests, exciting food, and insider culinary tips.

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Katie O'Reilly
katie O's Food Carnival
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