All Things Possible with Kristi Ellen and Guest Jamie

Host Kristi Ellen and Guest Jamie

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  1. Kristi dear, and Robert….. Beautiful job with the show. The editing is profound, as that was over an hour’s worth of footage to weave into this program. You nailed it Robert. I have worked with many editors in the past, and was an editor myself with the news media and I understand the work it takes to take super chatty people with little or no pause between enthusiasms and make it work on a final product. BRAVOOOOO Robert! And, Kristi your questions created quite a journey for the audience to gain new insights and deepening for themselves if they choose. YAY KRISTI!!!!!!

    Just FYI in case anyone actually would try to contact me, they would probably need to contact you thru this site as my email is incorrect. My name is spelled unusually…. Jami. Therefore my contact email for com is incorrect on the site. A small detail in contrast to the Extraordinary editing.

    Love to you both! What fun to see the show and cheer us all as women on… and the men that love us and help us blossom.

    Love, Peace, Joy, and Continued Success to you both!!!


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