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Quantum Living with Ilona Selke: BALI’s pristess IDA MAHA RESI ALIT. Watch live every Sunday at 8pm CST.

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Interview by Ilona Selke with BALI’s pristess IDA MAHA RESI ALIT

Travel with ILONA SELKE to BALI to gather wisdom form around the world.

In todays interview Ilona Selke will speak with the renowned water priestess Ida MAHA Resi Alit, who as a village girl in BALI at the age of 21 years old was ordained as – not just the only, but the youngest – female High Priestess of Hindu Dharma, the traditional religion on the deeply spiritual island of Bali, Indonesia.

The arduous procedure to become a High Hindu Priest or Priestess generally takes up to three years or more and requires extreme training under the guidance of a Master Teacher. Ida learned all requirements in under three months

HERE MESSAGE IS that no one has exclusive rights to The One and that all things come forth from The ONE which is the source of complete existence.

Its cosmic presence is manifested in many names and and takes on all forms, in order to make known Its divine essence.

Indeed, it is known theosophically that: All Parts are contained in the Whole and the Whole is contained in all Parts.
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