Victoria Lee: Making It Happen TV

Author, Professional Speaker, Ordained Minister and Host of Making It Happen TV

Victoria’s entrepreneurial journey began when she established her own greeting card company in 1987 named “A Touch of Heart by Victoria”. She distributed cards for 6 years throughout the United States and Canada, almost reaching the million dollar mark in sales. It all began on her dining room table with a Hobart Meat Wrapping Machine.

In 1994 with no journalism degree, she took her desire to write and published her first book called “Unforgettable Grady”. Other books followed, which allowed her to pursue another dream - to become a professional speaker. She has interviewed hundreds of successful individuals and researched countless others. “Movers and Shakers” profiling 100 Distinguished Tulsans was created for the 100 year celebration of Tulsa. A copy of the book is buried in a time capsule that will be dug up in fifty years.
Distinguished Oklahomans is another book in which she conducted two hundred interviews followed by banquets to honor the individuals. Even though he was unable to attend the function, the famed “Paul Harvey” sent a voice recording, as well as a Thank You letter to Victoria for the interview and his inclusion in her book. Other books include Coweta, Oklahoma’s First 100 Years, Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts, Amazing Grace, The Letter Safari and A Way Out.

In 2009, in order to present her interviews in a different format, she became the host of her own entertainment talk show called “Making It Happen TV” based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The show is meant to inspire and encourage others to pursue with fervency the talents and gifts that have been placed within them.

Making It Happen TV received the 2010 and 2011 Media Award from the Texas Agapefest Organization, due to her efforts to promote singers and musicians that have graced her stage. The show was also nominated in the top 5 in the Christian Voice Magazine in Pigeon Forge Tennessee in 2010.
The next phase is to take Making It Happen TV from a local show to across the nation and beyond. Not only promoting Tulsa, Oklahoma, but giving individuals further talent exposure. To increase the visibility of the show, Victoria is going to use a tried and true formula. She will be interviewing well-known celebrities from many genres - entertainment, sports, entrepreneurial etc., and match them up on the same show with someone who is virtually unknown. This will give the less recognized individual a huge boost in their career, while offering the well-known celebrity the opportunity to give back. Victoria feels her background clearly
proves she is a dedicated individual who has stayed the course and will continue to do so.


In 2003 she was awarded the Magee-Stovall Professional Speaker Award, which is part of the Oklahoma Speakers Association. She later served on the board of the Oklahoma Speakers Association and for a time held membership in the National Speakers Association.
She is a former advisory board member for The Bair Foundation, a Christian Foster Care organization based out of Pennsylvania – with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
She’s had numerous articles written about her in newspapers across Oklahoma for her unique ability to capture the hearts of those she profiled in “Distinguished Oklahomans” and “Movers and Shakers”.
She has captured listeners on Radio programs throughout the Oklahoma area. Newspaper journalist and radio host Terrell Lester once wrote about Victoria, “Heard you on KQLL-KOOL. After listening to you on air, I keep asking myself, “what am I doing here?”
Because of her writings, Victoria was instrumental in getting Dr. Nazih Zuhdi, a renowned Cardiopulmonary Surgeon and founder of the Nazih Zuhdi Transplantation Institute in Oklahoma City, awarded a Proclamation from the town of Haskell, Oklahoma. His friendship with Victoria contributed to the efforts made by him and his associates, in performing a double-lung transplant for a young girl, at no expense to her or her family.

Contact Victoria

Website:  www.makingithappentv.com

Email:  victorialeespeaks@yahoo.com

Phone:  918-398-0391

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