Paula Vail: Choices Finding Your Joy

Owner/Founder of Wellness Inspired, Radio Host

My show is called Choices: Finding Your Joy with Paul Vail

Meet Paula

My name is Paula Vail. I have been a Reiki practitioner for more than nine years. I am a Master Usui & Karuna Reiki® practitioner and teacher. As well as a Master/Teacher of Holy Fire Reiki. I have studied Serenity Vibrational Healing for two years. I am a Level III Master in Serenity Vibrational Healing with crystal bowls and Illumination. I have also received ongoing training in Shamanism and Quantum Healing techniques.

I am passionate about the wonderful healing power of Reiki. Reiki has had a life changing effect on me and I love sharing the gift of Reiki with others. In my business and in my life I strive to teach the true essence of Reiki and to continue to grow my knowledge and expertise. I first discovered Reiki thanks to my beloved dog Shotzy. She was getting old and became ill. Someone suggested that I could learn Reiki and give that gift of healing light and love to my dog. I saw how beneficial the Reiki healing was to her. I immediately became passionate about Reiki and the wonderful things that it can do. So I began my journey through the levels of Reiki to become a master practitioner. I have trained in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington as well as in Sedona, Arizona. I also had the honor of receiving my Usui master training in Machu Picchu, Peru. As well as teaching Reiki, I offer Reiki practitioner mentoring.

continental-times-sqaureI became the host of my first internet talk radio show on Voice America called "For the Love of Reiki." I have hosted that show for more than two years and fell in love with hosting! In 2015 I expanded to BBS radio network with two new shows, “Why am I so Happy” and “Paula V & Friends.” I am so blessed to be able to share the gift of Reiki around the world through my shows. I have met so many amazing people with a variety of experiences thanks to these shows! My new adventure is in television! I am excited to see who I will meet in the future as the show continues to grow. I invite you to learn more about my shows at

 I am in the process of writing my first eBook. It is called “Why am I so Happy.” 

 I was just recently featured in New York City Times Square by the Continental Who’s Who organization as a Pinnacle Professional.

I am currently being featured for the second time in the Women of Distinction Magazine for my achievements in my business and in my life! Paula was featured in the health and wellness category in their 2015 edition and will be featured on the cover of the upcoming edition to be released in 2017. The magazine recognizes the achievements of many outstanding women for their hard work and success in business and in life. It was such an honor to be recognized alongside these amazing women.



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  1. Hello Paula.
    We just connected on Linkedin at your invitation and thank you. Your show looks wonderful and I see you’re writing a book currently as well. I actually want to suggest a guest for your show. She’s incredibly dynamic and would speak well to your audience. Her website is and I’d be happy to send you her bio. I see one of your topics is about empowerment and that’s Mai all over!
    Mai Short Bio
    Mai Vu (pronounced “may voo”)is on a mission to help 100,000 women find love and create business success this year. A special, extremely intuitive child, Mai and her family escaped by boat from the war torn Vietnam to create a true American Dream story life.

    May holds an undergraduate in mechanical engineering from California Polytchnic and a Master’s in organizational development from JFK University, and worked for many years in engineering until she realized she was destined to do bigger things to make a difference for others.
    Mai discovered the coaching world and became the first Asian female Co-Active coach in the world, travelling the globe training corporate executives as well as over 1000 coaches.

    After her marriage of many years fell apart, Mai’s personal journey to find love again as a divorced single mom put her on the path to help other women find love, raise healthy kids, and grow successful businesses at the same time.

    She has an international following and has helped hundreds of women find love and financial success again. She’s the author of The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating – How to Be Loved, Adored and Cherished and the host of the Hot Life Hot Love weekly radio show, as well as her bi-annual conference held in both the United States and Sweden.

    Let me know. I work with Mai and would be happy to coordinate things.


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