Eric Zuley

“Zuley Is Pacing New Millennium”


Eric Zuley, the brand integration, development and promotions mogul is the founder of eZWay Network & CMO of iLaunch Global which is Evander Holyfield's families TV network. is a dynamic collaboration.


Zuley is an actor, producer, speaker and “entrepretainer” with a cache of over 4000 events to his credit. His network encompasses multiple divisions including: eZWay Cares, eZWay Promotions a brand development & marketing firm, eZWay TV/Radio, eZWay Events, eZWay Business & eZWay Pay (Crypto Currency & Loyalty Rewards).


His company houses their own social network: that has a built in Live TV Channel with distribution to over 500,000,000 and 164 countries. Eric has received awards from Congress and many other businesses and charity organizations. He’s had an award named after himself as well as his eZWay juggernaut.


Through his triumphs Zuley created the opportunities to honor several deserving entrepreneurs including: Larry Namer the Co-Founder of E’ Entertainment TV, Frank Shankowitz the Founder of Make A Wish foundation, famed actress Kate Linder 30 + years on Young & The Restless and several other high profile creative and artistic entrepreneurs. This is a common occurrence which is most dearest to his heart.


Eric was published as one of the “top ten” influencers on social media in the world and has dawned over 10 magazine covers. From the ground up on social media, Mr. Zuley has created a worldwide brand in which thousands of celebrities and influencers endorse. Hundreds of ambassadors around the world represent #eZWay.


Eric Zuley aka eZ’ is a host on TV & Radio who has hosted over 100 stages and has appeared on KXLA, Public Access and many other networks. He currently has an “Experts & Celebrity” talk show every Saturday on Voice America, syndicated and supported by IlauncheZway Distribution, live on OTT, Cable, Satellite & Antenna TV.


In the social media marketing, branding, fundraising, consulting and sponsorship placement sphere eZ’s network division eZWay promotions has worked with: America's Got Talent, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Lamborghini Champagne and Special Olympics, as well as an abundance of small businesses, celebrities and influencers. Eric Zuley has taken companies to over $300,000,000.


When you want the traffic, the notoriety and the clicks try eZWay, they control the clicks and they consume the internet. "It never costs money to use him, however, it costs a fortune to lose him" says: Berny Dohrmann Chairman of CEO Space Forbes and Inc. Magazine #1 rated B2B company. Learn more at and