Emi Kirschner

Coach, Speaker and Author and Host of Emi UnZipped

About the Show, Emi UnZipped:

Thought provoking conversations about being intentional.

About Emi

Emi Kirschner, CHHC, helps cracks the code for high achieving executives and entrepreneurs by showing them how their relationship with food and high stress levels keep them from achieving the next level of success.


Emi is known for helping clients break the cycle of dieting and emotional eating. She teaches and speaks about stress reduction and how to take the chaos out of juggling work and family by combining esoteric theory with practical and actionable takeaways that can be implemented right away.


Emi’s background in marketing, catering, and as a personal chef along with the lessons she learned while healing her son’s digestive issues and building her own successful business, shape her unique perspective on achieving lifelong wellness; easily.


A genuine foodie and a lover of adventure, Emi incorporates her passions in her Coaching and Corporate Training Programs, along with French Fries to Foodies,” her online course for parents of picky eaters. Emi is the co-author of the book, Get Results! in which she shares her secrets to getting exactly what you desire in life and business.


Emi possesses that rare combination of expertise and real-world practicality. Her work and counsel are geared to the lives we lead rather than some unattainable textbook “ideal.” She is very thoughtful and engaged. I’d recommend her to anyone who’s serious about changing their health and wellness for the better and who wants results!” -Rick Menapace, President, The Plummer Menapace Group

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