Females Without Fear with Alexandra Moore of Teach Them Younger

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This week Felicia features Alexandra Moore of Teach Them Younger.  About Alexandra Moore:

Alexandra was a victim of circumstance back in 2007. Alexandra was "downsized" during the recession, as were many Americans. She was a single mother, without a job and raising two young children. She found out, first hand, what it meant to feel in need of some help. "I was too prideful to ask for help but you know you need it." So she persevered and someone noticed her resolve and how she adapted to her surroundings. Dr. Vivian Haynes, President and founder of Sisters Helping Sisters In Need, Inc., assisted Alexandra in many ways. Initially assisting by personally babysitting but also school transportation and homework help. Alexandra and Vivian became very good friends and colleagues. Alexandra worked closely with Dr. Haynes, who soon became a mentor, and she showed Alexandra the benefits organizations like hers provide to women in need.

Alexandra shares stories of Dr. Haynes's contributions to the community and that is why she wants to do her part to help other families in need. "I depended on the resources given within the community and received the assistance through non-profit organizations that helped me get on my feet," she states. "I am dedicated to returning the favor and also make a positive change our community."

Alexandra wants to help families stay together, stay positive and to learn how to maintain that steady course to empower our youth. She understands how tough it can be; sometimes thinking there is no hope. TeachThemYoungER is her way to give assistance but also hope and inspiration to those families in need or adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings. She believes you can become an important piece of your community. "..and if we can get together and give of our time, knowledge and resources, we can make a tremendous impact in our communities. We want our youth to know that, regardless of their circumstances, they can become successful."  ~ Alexandra Moore, President of Teachthemyounger


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