Escape the Daily Grind with Sulavon’s SheShed. She Always Curious and Always Genuine.

This petite dynamo brings it. Sulavon Bollinger is connected to so many industries in her current position in public relations and as a social media strategist that her show, Sulavon’s SheShed is a plethora of how- to tips and expert advice. She also draws from her experience as a model and in the entertainment industry.

Sulavon Bollinger has won recognition for her work as a pioneering petite fashion model in the American market and held the 2017 title of Miss Fashion Week Petite, LA.  She has experience as a production coordinator in the entertainment industry and is currently a PR Sales Agent and Social Media Strategist with the award-winning online marketing firm GirlPR. Her energy, curiosity and diverse talents have taken her to South Asia, Chicago, New York and now Los Angeles.

While her career path has been diverse, Sulavon’s objectives remain the same. She brings integrity and innovative solutions to whatever she is doing. In her show, Sulavon’s SheShed, she invites viewers into a playful, warm, and friendly environment where she interviews fashion designers, casting directors, celebrity chefs, beauty experts, digital marketing professionals and coming soon, those from industries such as medical, law, construction and fitness.

Want to find out the steps to getting into the movies? What does it take to be a performer? Or how to engage your audience and become a voice against your competitor?  Need answers from leaders of industry?  Sulavon’s SheShed provides answers to your questions and opportunities for your future.  Although diminutive and youthful, she packs quite a punch in anything she sets her mind to regardless of the industry!

Tune into Sulavon’s SheShed weekly variety show on Sunday at 6:30 PM CST

Sulavon’s show, as well as a full lineup of programming for women, can be seen on Roku, AppleTV, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Fire and Kindle.  Consumers can find all of our programming on these channels by searching Women on TV on the streaming channels or online at




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