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I‘ve been there. Even though I live a healthy and nourishing lifestyle and am more healthier than I have ever, I wasn’t always this way. It was from my own health issues that led me to this journey of finding health and wellness through more natural ways.

In 2003, I was diagnosed with pre-cancer of the cervix which developed to stage 1. I had a partial hysterectomy but after 6 months of still having issues and my ob/gyn suggested taking my ovaries out, I decided to look into other alternatives and take charge of my own health.

That’s when I found a naturopath who helped me to recovery and I have been cancer free ever since and still have my ovaries. My interest in taking charge of my own health and wellness increased and I learned how to live a nourishing, healthy sacred self care lifestyle that fit my budget where I put my health as a priority, because without it, we are of no use to anyone.

My decision to become a naturopath has been in the making for years as I researched, took classes, got certified in several healing modalities and met others that were in the field or who have benefited from integrating this kind of lifestyle into their own. I decided to enroll in a naturopathy school so that I could help others. I have always been passionate about inspiring others to attain their highest and best self.

We inspire health by educating, motivating, inspiring and empowering people to take an active role in their wellness journey.

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